We are organizing attractive boat excursions to our beautiful islands such as Olib, Silba, Lun and others. Enjoy the countless unique experiences they provide and get to know their gastronomic offer. Do not miss seeing the oldest olive trees on Lun Island and the drywall on the Silba Island.


Silba Island alongside Mljet is the most picturesque and most green island of Croatia. Even the ancient Romans, when they named the the island, could not circumvent the main character of the island and predestined it for their resort. Today, drywall fences can be seen on the island, the same ones that encircled the plots and the cultivated land a long time ago. These walls were irregularly shaped, only made of rocks and no binding material.


The island of Olib, with the same name, is part of the Zadar archipelago and is located east of Silba Island. It has been inhabited since antiquity: called Aloip by Strabo and Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos. The island is a favorite destination for yachtsmen and sport fishermen. As there are no cars on the island, you can spend your vacation away from the noise of the city.


The small village of Lun, located on the northernmost part of the island of Pag, is a unique place in Croatia, but also in the world. Until a few centuries ago, Lun was an uninhabited area. Thanks to its geographic position, this whole area became a great olive grove. In the area of about 86 hectares grows about 80 thousand olive trees, among which 1500 olive trees stand out with their size and specific forms stand out. Between many thousands of olive trees, one is particularly distinguished and it is believed to be one of the oldest olive trees in the world, being over 1,600 years old. These olives grow in unimaginable forms for thousands of years. A special shape of wood intertwined with stone will give you the impression that you are in a special place where the human foot has not been stepped yet.