To our guests we offer a professional transport service from the airport (Split, Zadar, Zagreb or other) to our villa and back. We also organize excursions to the island of Pag, as well as other famous tourist destinations throughout Croatia such as Split, Zadar and National park Plitvice Lakes. Safe and efficient transport is done with new and modern van.

Excursion to Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes are the oldest national park in Croatia. The formation of sedimentary barriers and the creation of lakes represents a unique and universal value for which they have been recognized and enrolled in UNESCO World Heritage List. Experience the noise of 16 interconnected lakes, crystal blue-green color, feel the whisper of dense forest vegetation and indulge in enjoying the natural beauty of this area.

Excursion to Krka

Situated along the river Krka, whose beauty represents a natural karst phenomenon. This national park is known for its large number of lakes and waterfalls, seventh largest in Croatia. The part of the seafront is particularly attractive, better known as the Krka estuary - a place where seawater and sweet river water are mixing. The area abounds in rare plant and animal species and is home to 10 endemic fish species that place Krka in the highest category of natural monuments.